About us

When social challenges have become more predominant in society all the stakeholders of the society are required to critically reflect on their actions and practices. This review of actions and practices signify the need to rearrange stakeholder engagement and relation not only with each other but with other elements and strata of society to build a sustainable world for the future.

Thus, GlobalHunt Foundation as a Consulting & Advisory organization (registered as Section 8 under The Companies Act, 1956) works towards developing opportunities where such relations and engagements can be improved. We work with businesses, government, social organizations, academias’, institutions, funders, innovators etc. who believe in developing and implementing sustainable models that are relevant to overcome the disparity of society.

We assist in building models of interventions which bridge the gap between inequality to equality, unsustainable to sustainable, impractical to practical, impossible to possible. Our role includes advising stakeholders on the entire value chain and aligning them with social responsibility.

Prime Roles

Our prime role is to formulate and implement a strategy that identifies sustainability opportunities and risks.

Our prime role is to formulate and implement strategy that:

  • Identifies sustainability risks and opportunities.
  • Map the expectations of the stakeholders.
  • Analyze the priorities and capabilities of each stakeholder.
  • Set long term goals of performance and impact.
  • Align the activities of stakeholders with the practices of sustainability.