Strategize and Implement

As a knowledge catalyst, our services are expanded beyond the consulting, research and advisory levels, in order to showcase our engagement with the community we act as direct implementers or partner with diverse stakeholders. This partnership is primarily formulated to devise, conceptualize, and most significantly implement programmes in diverse realms of sustainability.

As programme implementers we conduct the following:

  • Conduct need assessment of a target area or group.
  • Identify concerns, services, and requirements that are most desired by the target populations.
  • Identify stakeholders, mobilize resources, and implement the action plan .
  • Conjoin with multi-stakeholders - civil society, corporate foundations, leading corporate, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and most importantly volunteers for facilitating varied nature of programmes for the society.

Detail Implementation Steps

  • Preparing list of activities.
  • Identifying Components of activities.
  • Mobilization of the stakeholders.